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                  Control Procedures

                  We adopt high-performance analytical methods (such as HPLC, EHPLC, HPLC-MS, CPC etc.) to validate physical, chemical, microbiological, heavy metal, stability and many other characters of our products. The production processes are closely examined to ensure compliance with GMP standards. Twice-a-year auditions by NSF institute monitor and regulate every production detail to guarantee the quality standard.


                  Every shipment is rigidly tested and certified with all supporting documentation, including:

                  • NSF-GMP Certificate
                  • Bio Terrorism Registration Numbers
                  • Certificate of Analysis
                  • Certificate of Insurance
                  • Country of Origin Certificate
                  • Food Grade Certificate
                  • Veterinary (Health) Certificate
                  • BSE/TSE Statement
                  • Non-GMO Statement
                  • GRAS Statement
                  • Material Safety Data Sheet
                  • Nutrition Data Sheet
                  • Production Flow Chart
                  • Stability Test Report
                  • Allergens List


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