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                  As a manufacturer and an exporter in this industry, we understand that satisfactory quality is merely the basic criterion for an outstanding supplier; we realize that all other supportive activities play a very important role in achieving business goals. Therefore, we are committed in every aspect to support your business needs. The followings are our services we offer to realize that goal:

                  • Sampling: Samples can be mailed to you with Certificate of Analysis, upon your request.
                  • Independent Lab Test: Lab test can be organized according to your test methods.
                  • Customized production: Our production facilities and extracting & biochemical technologies give us the flexibility to manufacture products of your specifications.
                  • Customized packaging: Products can be packed in specified ways at our production center.
                  • Distribution: Direct shipment from factory, or local distribution from local warehouse.
                  • Local sales office: Established local sales team to ensure smooth information flow and timely problem solving.
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